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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Could Be Worse

Roll out of bed at 7a.m. with an awful headache.  Burned my toast and dropped my turkey bacon on the floor, it was my last piece.  Man, my day is off to a rotten start!!  I forgot to put the towels in the dryer last night before bed, so now I don't have a clean towel to dry off on, so I'm going to be late for work due to waiting on the towels to dry.  I Hate Wednesdays!!!  I really want to just go back to bed and start over on Thursday.  I finally get to work and all of my pens are missing off my desk and the computer is down...AGAIN!!  Lunch was too expensive and I accidentally made a mess on the floor by hitting a persons plate as she was walking by my table.  I had a discussion with my supervisor about my numbers and why my percentages are so low.  I hate those meetings!  I realize that there is a lot of fun stuff going on this Saturday in town, but I won't get to participate, because I have to work....ALL DAY!!! This pollen is killing my head, eyes, nose and throat!  I finally make it home and want to spend some time with my son and ride bikes together.  Well, my bike tire is flat and the brakes are slipping.  I talk to a guy about some replacement windows for my house and after he quoted my the estimate, my head started hurting even more.  I'm going in my house and hide away in my cave!!!!  I can't wait to watch some t.v. tonight.  My favorite show comes on tonight.

Now its 6.p.m and I feel a tug at my heart.  My play niece (Raia) is in the hospital, very sick right now.  I can't get her off my mind.  Something tells me to go visit her now.  "I prayed for her this morning (early) Lord and I have spoken with her mom today.  Raia is improving and resting well right now"  Again, a tug at my heart....go now.  I text her mom to see if she was there at the hospital but she had already gone.  So now I'm wondering, why I should go visit now.  After all my show comes on at 7 p.m.  "Okay, I will go see her at the next visitation time, 10 p.m."  Once again.... a tug, but harder and louder!!  My day has been horrible and I'm tired but I do understand the importance of being obedient to the tug of the Holy Spirit.  I'm going to visit my niece.

I walk into her room.  This beautiful 18 year old young lady is in ICU fighting for her health.  She would rather have a chance to drop her bacon on the floor and burn her toast.  She would rather be late for work/school because she has no clean towels.  Raia would love to be upset right now about somebody taking her pens off her desk!!!  But instead, she lays in a hospital bed, waiting on her healing (and she is already healed by the stripes of Jesus, Amen).  Wow, how selfish of me to be whining about small trivial things!!!  This is the day that the Lord has made, I will (choose to ) rejoice and be GLAD in it!!  How often do you complain about small stuff, not realizing that it could be worse?  My heart is so thankful to God but my carnal flesh is fickle and likes to complain.  Today as I stood there and prayed over my precious Raia, all I could say was "it could be worse".

Father God, thank you for the lesson I learned today.  Thank you for the Holy Spirit working in my life and tugging on my heart strings to go visit Raia.  I now know that the visit was not for her, because You have her in the palm of Your hand.  The visit was for me and my complaining flesh.  It could be worse is my new motto.  God as you continue to heal Raia, help all of us who are praying for her and waiting to see the Glory of the Lord, to remember that the things we go through could be so much worse!
I love you Raia and I am waiting to see your beautiful eyes again and to hear your awesome testimony of God's healing hand in your life.

Oh Lord, that you would enlarge my territory and bless me indeed.  Grant unto me (and Raia) Your Favor Grace and Mercy..... Amen!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I think about a place of rest and peace, I think about sitting in front of my fireplace with a good book to read.  I love the beauty and mystery of the fire as its flames roll.  My mind usually fades to blank. I find myself taking in deep breaths and enjoying the smell of the wood in the fireplace.  While reading my book for that moment, I am able to relax my mind and allow all of the worries from the day to vanish.  I take in the words of the page I'm reading and become a part of the book, the character I'm reading about.

It is my belief and understanding that spending time with God and reading my Bible, gives me the same experience. Therefore, let me encourage you today to find a quiet place and spend some time reading the most intriguing book ever written.  You don't have to spend several hours to get a sense of peace or to feel rejuvenated.  Only about 3 to 5 minutes will do it every time.

Dear Lord,
Speak to my heart as I read your Word.  Help me learn to lean and depend on you more and more each day.  Now grant unto me your Favor, Grace and Mercy. Oh Lord, enlarge my territory and bless me indeed.