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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I think about a place of rest and peace, I think about sitting in front of my fireplace with a good book to read.  I love the beauty and mystery of the fire as its flames roll.  My mind usually fades to blank. I find myself taking in deep breaths and enjoying the smell of the wood in the fireplace.  While reading my book for that moment, I am able to relax my mind and allow all of the worries from the day to vanish.  I take in the words of the page I'm reading and become a part of the book, the character I'm reading about.

It is my belief and understanding that spending time with God and reading my Bible, gives me the same experience. Therefore, let me encourage you today to find a quiet place and spend some time reading the most intriguing book ever written.  You don't have to spend several hours to get a sense of peace or to feel rejuvenated.  Only about 3 to 5 minutes will do it every time.

Dear Lord,
Speak to my heart as I read your Word.  Help me learn to lean and depend on you more and more each day.  Now grant unto me your Favor, Grace and Mercy. Oh Lord, enlarge my territory and bless me indeed.

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  1. Very nice, Pam. I like the 1 Chronicles 4:10 reference to the Prayer of Jabez. ;-)